Welcome to Lucky Monkey Home, Feng Shui Design and Living. Interested in Feng Shui? Or simply interested in living in harmony with your environment? You have come to the perfect site!

I am passionate about Feng Shui and Earth Energy; showing and teaching you how to align your home so that all the abundant CHI (energies of the earth and universe) are available for your success, health, wealth, love and growth.
I work in the modality of Classical Feng Shui, the 3000 year old art form, taught by the monks over centuries. This is the true art of Feng Shui. Over the years, Feng Shui has become watered down, westernized, complicated and become a practice infused with superstition and fear, rather than being a practice that is based in harmonious and abundant existence with Mother Earth, Earth Chi.
Many cultures all over planet earth have utilised their own techniques to harness this inherent Earth and Planet Chi. Modalities like sacred geometry, astrology and others, like the Mayan’s and the Egyptian techniques for building their ancient great cities, have been used for centuries.

All these techniques serve one purpose and goal- to exist in harmony, power and peace on earth, with the planets all around. Simply put, Feng Shui is the Chinese version of harnessing Earth and planet Chi so that we can prosper in all areas of our lives.
I incorporate various modalities like sacred geometry, zen buddism, numerology, alchemy and other mystical and spiritual practices to access a place of common ground in all these practices.

As a Vancouver Feng Shui Practitioner of over 15 years, my clients have enjoyed clear, educational, fun and powerful sessions with me. I offer a few packages- Feng Shui Your Home, Realtor’s Package, Home Seller’s Package and Beautify Your Home. My training in Interior Design, my studies in various earth and spiritual modalities, my expertise as an artist, leader and spiritual guide fuels my mastery in Feng Shui.

Come on in and Welcome to Great Chi!

Feng Shui Consultant Vancouver, Tien Wee, Tien Neo Eamas, Executive Director of Lucky Monkey Home.
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