Tien Neo Eamas

Tien Neo Eamas created Lucky Monkey Home to provide a refreshing contemporary take on Feng Shui, while honouring traditional wisdom and utilising Classical Feng Shui, handed down for centuries from the monks of ancient China. He is committed to dispelling the myths and superstitions around Feng Shui and providing direct, easily comprehensible and enjoyable guidance. He has been a Feng Shui consultant since 2002, working with realtors, home sellers, builders, individual home owners and businesses to sell properties efficiently and to provide joy, harmony, beauty, prosperity and success for his clients.

Tien Neo Eamas is Singaporean born Canadian, of Indonesian and Chinese heritage. He has a Bachelor of Fine and Performing Arts from Simon Fraser University, Interior Design and Classical Feng Shui Certificates, has training in modern dance, performance art, painting, silversmithing and more.

Feng Shui Expertise

His interest in Feng Shui began in 2000. He utilised the basic principals while going through a major transition in his life. It was tremendously impactful and propelled him out of massive depression into joy and success. This intrigued him and he continued his learning from various books and teachings. This lead to a desire for proper elemental training. He then went ahead and received Classical Feng Shui training from Master Teresa Hwang. His passion for art and beauty, plus his Interior Design training and passion ensures that all Feng Shui remedies and recommendations are always aligned to your chosen style and decor. Your home does not need to look like a Chinese temple unless that is your chosen decor style!

Tien’s unique life journey has taught him rich lessons in living a magickally powerful life. Feng Shui gives him access to the ancient wisdom and joy that planet earth and the universe provides. This understanding, combined with Earth Science, the elements, ancient mystical and magickal spirituality provides a rich conscious awareness in thriving in Beauty, Joy and Magick. He loves to empower, educate and guide his clients to this wonderful place that many of us have lost touch with. His Feng Shui consultations are delightful, clear and empowering. Tien always ensures his clients understand the concepts of Feng Shui, have a clear plan for execution, and with his Realtor’s and Home Seller’s Package sessions, leaves his clients reassured that their home will sell. See all of Lucky Monkey Home’s Feng Shui consulting packages.

Tien’s spiritual consciousness is informed through many modalities, including Zen Buddhism, Christianity, Feng Shui, the Law of Attraction, various leadership training and ancient mysticism.

Other Modalities

As well as his expertise in Feng Shui, Tien is a Wizard, gold/silversmith, alchemist, inspirational speaker, coach and visual artist. His media appearances include CBC TV, CTV, Home Makeover Magazine, Shaw TV, CBC Radio, Georgia Straits, Ming Pao Newspaper. He has a jewelry studio in Vancouver and resides where spirit calls him.

Find out more about Tien the Wizard, his journey, Coaching, Silver and Gold adornment, Spells and Guidance cards at www.TienNeoEamas.com. Also on facebook and instagram.