Tien Neo Eamas

Tien Neo Eamas is a Vancouver-based Feng Shui consultant. His company Lucky Monkey Home has been serving the lower mainland of Vancouver for over 10 years with easy to comprehend, enjoyable and enlightening Feng Shui sessions. He also provides online consultations, and partners with clients to bring balanced and free-flowing Chi (energy) into their homes.

Tien Neo Eamas is a Singaporean born, of Indonesian and Chinese heritage, Canadian designer and artist. He has a Bachelor of Fine and Performing Arts from Simon Fraser University, Interior Design and Classical Feng Shui Certificates, has training in modern dance, painting, silversmithing and more.

Feng Shui Expertise

His interest in Feng Shui began in 2000 when he was shown ways to move Chi in his home and thereby affect his levels of joy, peace and flow. He continued by learning from various books and teachings and then received Classical Feng Shui training from Master Teresa Hwang. His further education in Interior design added to his passion of making interior spaces function well, with beautiful and be flowing full of life giving Chi.

Tien’s unique talents allow him to share his passion about enlightenment and living in prosperity and joy with the world through his many skills that he offers. His Feng Shui consultations are delightful, clear and empowering for clients. Tien always ensures his clients understand the concepts of Feng Shui, have a clear plan for execution, and with his Realtor’s and Home Seller’s Package sessions, leaves his clients reassured that their home will sell. See all of Lucky Monkey Home’s Feng Shui consulting packages.

Tien’s spiritual consciousness is informed through many modalities, including Zen Buddhism, Christianity, Feng Shui, the Law of Attraction and ancient mysticism.

Other Modalities

As well as his expertise in Feng Shui, Tien is a well-known silversmith, alchemist, spiritual guide and visual artist. His media appearances include CBC TV, CTV, Home Makeover Magazine, Shaw TV, CBC Radio, Georgia Straits, Ming Pao Newspaper. He lives on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada and has a jewelry studio at Beaumont Studios in Vancouver.

Tien’s jewelry, silversmithing and alchemy work can be seen at www.TienNeoEamas.com.