Beautify Your Space


Space Plan, Placement, Colour and Design Consulting

Ever wanted some time with a professional designer – to ask questions, get their expert opinion, confirm your tile and material choices, create a colour palette, stage your home for sale, or have them consult for your shopping trip? All of these desires are answered with the Beautify Your Space package.

Sessions begin with a 1.5 hour consultation for $422.

Services include:

  • Profiling your needs and desires
  • Providing clarity on your budget, preferences, and design and décor styles
  • Creating your colour palette and personalised style
  • Space Planning and Placement of your furniture and decor items

Extended Consulting

Clients may extend their time with Lucky Monkey Home for $288/hour. Personalized design and decorative advice, client care and guidance is also available during this extended time (scheduled for a future date). The cost quoted is based on travel within the cities of West and North Vancouver, Vancouver, Burnaby and Richmond. Please contact Lucky Monkey Home to enquire about prices outside of these cities and online and international consultations.

Client Testimonials

“Tien visited our 3 year old condo this winter to assist us to love our home.  He knew exactly what was missing and suggested replacing some of the dark woods with warmer hues and tones. He also recommended specific colors and shapes in accessories to tie it all together.  Tien is truly a professional, knowledgeable and passionate designer.  It was a very fun experience. We now have a wonderful warm glowing home during a rainy winter.  Big congrats for a job well done.”
~Michelle and Greg

“I have been a client of Tien’s for over 10 years and have hired him for almost every move I’ve made. The best thing about Tien is that he listens; he takes the colours I like and pulls together a fabulous design incorporating other colours I would have never thought about. He utilises Feng Shui organically and is never forceful about it. We create a to do list and my place always looks amazing!
~Patti Bishop, BSc Active Aging Director with Turnfit

“I really needed help. I had been emptying my Mother in law’s home for a month, working on distributing 60 years of memories, preparing to sell. I needed to transform the house into a place where a new family could see themselves making a home. In two brief visits Tien’s skills of vision and clarity easily transformed a 2,800 sq. ft. behemoth, decorated in styles from the 60’s to the 90’s, into an inviting and welcoming atmosphere. Tien took stock of existing pieces and re-purposed them, brilliantly saving time, money. We went on a quick shopping trip for some feature pieces and Tien left me with directions for the setup of each room. Our time together was done. Tien’s efficiency, support, professionalism and humour brought much appreciated ease to this process.

Final result: The house looked AMAZING and sold in eight days, and over the asking price, I might add. What a smart person I was to book Tien! Truly, thank you for your insight and ‘feng shui-ness.’ You saved me.”
~Nikki Bryce

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