This small sized 2 bedroom condo required a fresh scheme and a new space plan. The flow of Chi in this space was blocked and compromised with walls and unnecessary spatial choices. In order for prosperous flow of Chi, a space has to be clear of visual and energetically unattractive objects and physical blocks, like walls. I focused on creating a new kitchen for my clients as we felt that a whole new kitchen would completely transform the home. Once the kitchen plan was designed, I knew that the colour scheme and selection of materials would be applied into the rest of the home, thereby bringing in new fresh Chi into this small space. I took down one wall to counter height, created new cabinets, space plan and a new colour scheme, this space now looks huge, warm and welcoming. Innova Kitchen and Baths Ltd supplied and collaborated with me on this project.

“As a result of working with Lucky Monkey Home, Innova has become intimately familiar with the Feng Shui design aesthetic, attention to detail, and the professionalism that Tien Neo Eamas of Lucky Monkey Home brings to its clients’ projects. We are proud to recommend the Feng Shui design services of Lucky Monkey Home. So if you are looking to Come Home to Great Chi, you have come to the right place.”
~ Paul Coker, President innova Kitchens and Baths Ltd.