Craftsman Contemporary

My clients purchased this early 1900’s heritage home. It had been last renovated in the 70’s. I created a concept that updated the home to present day while honouring its early 1900’s Craftsman style. After performing the Classical Feng Shui audit, I discovered this home to harness wonderful energy for a young family to grow into. This was perfect for my clients. The intention was to renovate for a long term plan, to build their businesses and a happy family. By applying red tones to the living room, I harnessed fire Chi that was sorely missing in the inherent Chi of the space. The kitchen and bathrooms remained neutral as these zones revealed minimal detriment or challenging Chi. The neutrality of the plan, square and rectangle shapes, yellow, white and earth tones ensures solid earth Chi that promotes family harmony and prospering businesses.

“My wife and I had just bought this heritage home and wanted to ensure the updated treatments would be appropriately selected to enhance the craftsman architecture. He created a new kitchen and bathrooms economically, was professional and at the same time easy and fun to work with. Tien was clearly committed that the home be well finished for the investment that we put into it. It was a pleasure to work with Tien. Plus knowing that the Feng Shui is all in check, we are at peace that our home supports our success!”
~ Amadeus and Tammy