European Modernism

A minimal white schemed palette was specifically requested by my client for his new 560sq foot open plan city loft. After performing the Classical Feng Shui audit, it was clear that certain zones in this loft required Fire Chi, otherwise some detrimental aggressiveness would be present. I maintained the base plan of an open white space, specified bales of white fabric and pony walls to block off zones to contain and direct the flow of Chi. I applied splashes of orange (specifically chosen to reflect the modernist era)  to create the necessary fire Chi in the appropriate zones. Utilizing white tones on the walls, floor and in fabrics created a light, breezy open feel while the touches of orange and grey added splashes of visual relief. The feature wall in the dining nook features Philip Stark Victorian Ghost chairs, a locally hand crafted whimsical mirror, and linen and silk Belgian wall paper. This space incorporated many Green materials, including paint, recycled paper countertop, a custom built bamboo bed, LED lighting, kapok pillow and silk filled bedding. This space is brilliantly designed to retain the loft openness, to still have private zones and also remedied to create more harmony and wealth for the owner.

“I am amazed at how proper space planning and the boldly creative design of this project allows for private zones to flow into open space. The space looks and feels much bigger after Tien’s work. He is an artist and a healer. This space also has wonderful flow of Chi and it always feels clear and opulent. All the Feng Shui remedies are incorporated right into the Modern European design; you would never know that this space has been ‘Feng Shui-ed’! White is a daring design choice and Tien produced a warm and elegant space with all the whites. The combination of European Modernism, and a hint of French Baroque is unique in Vancouver. This home is a luscious treat to wake up to every morning!”
~ Ecstatic Owner