French Inspired

An 80 year old cottage in the woods of British Columbia required some love. The Feng Shui audit revealed lots of potential on this site. The design plan was created to enhance the presence of the 8 Water and Mountains stars present in the south zone of this home. These stars (planet and earth Chi) in their various combinations in this cottage ensured prosperity, fame and fortune! Also present were stars that nurtured a nature lover.  Given that the Feng Shui analysis revealed tons of potential, I needed to ensure that all design applications boosted and allowed for earth and planet Chi to powerfully support the owner of this precious cottage. Everything was stripped, and new space plan was assigned. The décor was the final touch that completes the transformation of this old 50-70’s styled cottage to that of a clean ‘vintage modern’ French inspired cottage. You would never have known that the foundation for this design arose out of Classical Feng Shui!

“It was a treat to watch Tien skillfully create a space plan, colour schemes and finishes, all while tweaking an age old classic to that of a modernized French cottage. This old, previously loved and completely outdated wonderfully potential space, now gets to shine again!”
~ Tyrr Siles