Japanese Kitchen

My clients wanted a Japanese inspired kitchen and approached me to design it. They were clear that the Feng Shui in the home had to be supportive, all while desiring exquisite design, professionalism and quality craftsmanship. They contacted the right guy for this job!  The Feng Shui for this site had lots of inherent good flow of Chi. The back of the house had a zen garden, which created a wonderful flow of chi throughout the home as well. The Form School Feng Shui was balanced, allowing for the application of the Classical Feng Shui to be efficiently applied. I designed a space plan for the new kitchen that enhanced the flow of Chi. I also designed the cabinetry and  worked closely with the cabinet maker to custom create a gorgeously warm and fully functional kitchen in cherry wood. Given that a traditional Japanese kitchen would not have been appropriate for the functionality and lifestyle of my clients, I got creative and blended both North American standards for kitchens, with the look, feel and ambiance of a traditional Japanese kitchen. This kitchen is one of my finest designs, incorporating Classical Feng Shui elements to enhance the exquisite kitchen design.

“Tien solicited our ideas, considered out lifestyle and created a truly spectacular kitchen- a one of a kind creation that reflects who we are. Every visitor to our home has remarked what an incredibly beautiful space Tien has created for us. We are overjoyed.”
~ Michael and Kau’i