Vancouver Special

The ‘Vancouver Special’ is a term lovingly used for the many 2 storey houses that were built in the Vancouver area in the 80’s and 90’s. I went in and made this over for sale. It was completely outdated and rather unattractive. The Feng Shui audit had nothing unique or detrimental to report. Good, it was a very neutral audit. This allowed for me to stay with a neutral palette for the potential buyer to appreciate. I needed to ensure that there was fire Chi around the front zone of the home, thereby indicating the colour selection for the front door. All 2.5 bathrooms were updated with beautiful tiles, water saving toilet, new tub/shower, fixtures and lighting. This low cost makeover included green tiles, new bathroom fixtures and units and the easily applied Feng Shui remedies. The updated design plan together with the constant flow of Chi  made a huge difference in the presentation and Feng Shui of this house that it had absolutely no problems selling and really quickly too!

“We had a property renovated by Tien prior to its successful quick sale. Tien did a wonderful job with timely project management and selection of materials. We were very impressed by how he kept things moving along, smoothly and fast. Tien did an excellent job of using eco-friendly products wherever and whenever possible, in the overall coordination of trades people and in the clean-up of the site. We would highly recommend Tien for any eco conscious projects”
~ Ghee and Teresa Hwang, Vernon BC